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Scale Service                Scale Repair             Scale Calibration

Scale solutions scale calibration programs are tailored to meet your business requirements. We help you achieve accurate, safe and effective results, all within your budget. Our service representatives are there at the right time, with the right parts, the right tools and the right skills to meet your needs.

Call 1-800-334-2917 For all your scale repair or scale calibration needs

Our scale service and scale calibration packages are designed to ensure accuracy and ongoing traceability of results, updated calibration certificates, and effective cost control.

Scale Solutions offers scale calibration documentation to certify that your weighing equipment delivers the accuracy necessary to ensure quality and cost control. We have proven, solutions to satisfy traceability of your QS- or ISO-quality programs (as found) and (as left) data requirements, and other industry standards.

24 Hours a day 7 Days a Week, Same Day Response Time for emergency scale repairs.

Our “Loaner Scale” program can save you money if you need a scale while your scale is being repaired.

New scale installation configuration and integration to enhance productivity and quality.

If A scale service call on site is not needed,  Ship us your scale, We will Quickly make the repairs needed, recalibrate your scale and ship it back.

Call 1-800-334-2917 For all your scale repair needs 24 hours  7 Days a week, Same day  response for emergency Scale Repairs.

New Equipment Installation and Configuration
SCALE SOLUTIONS New products are guaranteed when you include installation, configuration and integration. Our service representatives make sure that your weighing system is correctly installed, adjusted, connected, tested and calibrated to meet your specific application requirements.

Scale Service and Scale Calibration Agreements
Our service agreements provide services appropriate for the use, duty cycle and criticality of measurements in your operation. In addition to periodic calibration, we include cleaning, preventative maintenance, complete inspection and guaranteed response time for repairs. This is your most cost-effective assurance against downtime, low quality results and unbudgeted expense.

Emergency Scale Repair Services – SCALE SOLUTIONS  Scale Repair Company, with two locations in Michigan is your single source for weighing equipment maintenance and scale repair. We use OEM parts when available and service ALL BRANDS of weighing equipment in a cost-effective manner to quickly get you up and running.

An alternative to replacement is:
Modernization and upgrades to existing equipment. Allow us to do an assessment of your weighing equipment to help you determine the most prudent approach to extending equipment life or meeting more demanding performance or regulatory requirements.

Scale Repair Services For :Value Electronic Scales | Value Mechanical Scales | Lab / Analytical Scales | Baby Scales | Bathroom Scales | Bariatric Scales | Body Fat Monitors | Pro Body Composition Monitors | Calibration Weights | Counting Scales | Crane Scales | Deli/Food/Grocery Scales | Dynamometers | Fish/Game Scales | Floor Scales | Force Gauges | Industrial-Use Scales | Jewelry Scales | Livestock Scales | "Legal for Trade" Scales | Medical Scales | Moisture Analyzers | Pallet Scales | Pocket Scales | Portable Spring Gauges | Shipping Scales | Specialty Medical Scales | Test Stands / Force Measurement | Veterinary Scales

Scale Repair Services For Manufacturers : Acculab digital scales | AND electronic scales | Best Weight mechanical scales| Detecto Physician's Scales | CAS digital scales | Chatillon/Ametek mechanical and electronic scales | DigiWeigh Economical Scales | Dillon Crane Scales, Dynamometers & Force Testing Products| Easy Weigh Legal for Trade Scales | Health O Meter Scales | Hoto Instruments | Imada Force Measurement | InScale Floor Scales | Mark-10 Force Testing | Mettler Toledo | Minx Economical Pocket Scales | Ohaus electronic and mechanical scales | Tanita digital scales | Salter Brecknell | Sartorius Lab Balances | Seca Medical Scales | Siltec Shipping Scales | and many more.

Scale Solutions

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